Surfer narrowly escapes shark attack off Calif. coast

By Fox / August 30, 2015

Texas investigators search for motive behind killing of sheriff's deputy

Texas investigators were trying to determine on Sunday what may have motivated a 30-year-old man accused...

By FOX / August 30, 2015

Fan Dies After Fall From Upper Deck at Atlanta Braves Game

Fan dies after falling from upper deck during Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field

By ABC / August 30, 2015

Hearing aids help 6-month-old twins hear parents for first time - VIDEO: Magical moment deaf twin babies hear for first time

By Fox / August 30, 2015

‘Candy Man’ doctor convicted in CA of prescribing highly addictive drugs for money, sex

By Fox / August 29, 2015

Flight from Las Vegas to Germany diverted over unruly passenger

An international flight from Las Vegas to Frankfurt made an emergency landing at Denver International...

By FOX / August 29, 2015

Christian Advocate Arrested in China Cross Crackdown

A well-known Christian lawyer has been arrested in China, in the same region where the Chinese government...

By / August 29, 2015

Flashback: 15 Times the Media Politicized Hurricane Katrina

By Geoffrey Dickens Ten...

By geoff.dickens / August 21, 2015

Vandals Attack Vacation Home of Dentist Who Killed Cecil

Vandals scrawl 'lion killer' on garage door of vacation home owned by dentist who killed Cecil

By Drudge / August 5, 2015

How Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Richard Branson Cope With Stress (Infographic)

Pressure at the top is inevitable. Here's how the best-known business moguls rise above it.

By Kim / August 30, 2015

Why 'it's just politics' is the ultimate political dodge

'It's just politics' is popular because it allows campaigns to dismiss all criticism as mere point-scoring...

By Christian / August 30, 2015

Man Held in Toddler's July Disappearance Faces New Charges

Man held in toddler's July disappearance faces new charges of trying to escape jail

By ABC / August 30, 2015

If L.A. bids for 2024 Olympics, will taxpayers be on the hook?

When Los Angeles City Council members vote on pursuing the 2024 Summer Olympics this week, they will...

By Peter / August 30, 2015

Lottery Secretary's Success Dwarfed by Some Work Practices

Ex-Lottery secretary's scratch-off success overshadowed by questionable work practices

By ABC / August 30, 2015

India's Rajan Says Reserve Bank Is in an 'Accommodative' Policy Phase

The Reserve Bank of India is in an accommodative phase of monetary policy, meaning it is looking to reduce...

By / August 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Like Fox News’ Ed Henry

Ed Henry, who has been frustrated by Hillary Clinton’s evasion on the campaign trail, was told...

By Spencer / August 29, 2015

Suspect Arrested in 'Execution' of Texas Deputy

Goforth leaves behind a wife and two children.

By ABC / August 29, 2015

What the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company (Infographic)

The Golden Arches just wouldn't communicate the same thing if they were purple.

By Catherine / August 29, 2015

Magnitude 3.8 earthquake strikes near Edmond, Okla. - USGS

Magnitude 3.8 earthquake strikes near Edmond, Okla. - USGS

By David / August 30, 2015

6 Things You Should Do Every Sunday

You need to enjoy some time away from your business. Fortunately, there are ways to step away from work...

By John / August 30, 2015

Well-known Charlotte, NC, pastor found dead at home of accidental gunshot wound, police say - @theobserver

Well-known Charlotte, NC, pastor found dead at home of accidental gunshot wound, police say - @theobserver

By Jimmy / August 30, 2015

Flood Watch issued for much of Florida as moisture from remnant Erika heads toward state; flooding threat carries through Monday - @CBS4Weather

Flood Watch issued for much of Florida as moisture from remnant Erika heads toward state; flooding threat...

By Rebecca / August 29, 2015

Twitter Sets Modest Goals to Diversify Workforce

The company aims to fill 16 percent of its technology jobs with women next year.

By / August 29, 2015

Fostering Better Online Collaboration

Research indicates that online collaboration could save more than five hours each week on tasks like...

By / August 28, 2015

Schools Aren’t Teaching this Crucial Life Skill

With all the focus on jobs and employment, you'd think schools would take the obvious step and teach...

By Geoffrey / August 28, 2015

Why You Should Take the Psychological Studies With a Handful of Salt

A new study finds that more than half of study results found in top psychology journals can't be replicated.

By Anna / August 28, 2015

Numbers of employed in Ireland up by 3pc in year to Q2

There was a 3pc increase in the numbers employed in the year to the second quarter of 2015, according...

By Business / August 26, 2015