Seattle Closes Season Rallying for 3-2 Win Over Oakland

Smith's home run the difference as Seattle rallies for 3-2 win over Oakland to close season

By ABC / October 4, 2015

American flag fight pits Utah woman vs. condo association

Residents of a small Utah condominium community say they are being fined for American flag displays that...

By FOX / October 4, 2015

Dubai Ruler Launches Aid and Development Foundation

Dubai's ruler launches body to oversee $272 million in annual charity and development aid

By ABC / October 4, 2015

ISIS claims responsibility for killing of Japanese man in Bangladesh - 10 arrested in Spain, Morocco in ISIS recruitment plot

By Fox / October 4, 2015

4 teens arrested in alleged shooting plot at high school

Four teenagers have been arrested after detectives uncovered an alleged plot to shoot students and teachers...

By FOX / October 4, 2015

FDNY: 1 dead, 3 others injured in apparent gas blast

By Fox / October 4, 2015

Boehner Getting a Bum Rap on Pro-Life Cause?

Many abortion opponents cheered the recent takedown of House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, saying he didn't...

By / October 4, 2015

What's Really Going on with Russia and Syria?

Russian fighter jets dropped bombs deep into the heart of Syria. But instead of hitting ISIS, they destroyed...

By / October 4, 2015

‘Doctor Who': The Doctor Straight Up Ghosts In ‘Under The Lake’

The Doctor battles creepy, eye-less, underwater ghosts in "Under the Lake."

By Shaunna / October 4, 2015

Hillary Clinton hasn’t gotten Endorsed by Teamsters Union, who Supported Her in 2008

The uncertainty about Hillary Clinton is really telling: The Teamsters are the latest union to delay...

By Spencer / October 4, 2015

California Governor Signs Bill Closing Ivory Sales Loophole

California governor approves legislation aimed at closing loophole in state's ivory sales law

By ABC / October 4, 2015

How This Beer Growler Went From Concept to Market

GrowlerWerks promises craft beer to-go with carbonated staying power.

By Danielle / October 4, 2015

Only One Teacher Dissented from Paying Union Dues, Labor Union Reports

Yet there are discrepancies in their data: One of the nation’s largest teachers unions claimed to have...

By Spencer / October 4, 2015

Obama’s Ed Secretary Arne Duncan to Leave Post in December

As the Free Beacon reported, only two original members of Obama’s cabinet remain: Education Secretary...

By Spencer / October 4, 2015

Benton, Washington Residents Readying for Tax Proposals

Tax raises on Benton and Washington residents planned in the next several years

By ABC / October 4, 2015

High School Students 3-D Printed a Custom Wheelchair to Help This Resilient Little Kitten

Cassidy the cat's fate seemed sealed when he was born in the woods and lost his hind legs. But thanks...

By Geoff / October 4, 2015

7 Years of Obama: From Kumbaya to Chaos

By New / October 4, 2015

Utah HOA Fines Townhome Owners for Flying the American Flag

Yes, a homeowner’s association fined residents for flying the American flag because several residents...

By Spencer / October 4, 2015

9 Weird Things That Happen To Millennials In Interviews

Millennials confess to their job interview experiences. It isn't always pretty.

By Chris / October 4, 2015

Beyond Identifying Opportunity: Why Traction Matters Now

Big ideas are great, but what's needed now for startup success is a singular focus on growth.

By Kelly / October 4, 2015

Death toll in Afghanistan hospital airstrike rises to at least 22, including 12 MSF staffers and 10 patients - @MSF

Death toll in Afghanistan hospital airstrike rises to at least 22, including 12 MSF staffers and 10 patients...

By Rebecca / October 4, 2015

Hackers Stole Nearly 20-Million T-Mobile and Scottrade Customers' Personal Information

Scottrade and T-Mobile have had portions of their respective customer databases stolen by criminals....

By Joseph / October 4, 2015

4 additional swift-water rescue teams coming in from out of state to assist with South Carolina rescues - @SCEMD

4 additional swift-water rescue teams coming in from out of state to assist with South Carolina rescues...

By David / October 4, 2015

Entrepreneurial Inspiration Starts At Home

What do you attribute your entrepreneurial success to? For Sir Richard Branson (and other entrepreneurs),...

By Kelly / October 3, 2015

Leadership: 7 Ways to Get From Good to Great

Focus on a few core components of leadership and you can take your company to new heights.

By Peter / October 3, 2015

The 1 Shocking Phrase That All New Managers Should Use

These aren't the words that trip off the tongue for new manager. But two leadership experts say you should...

By Chris / October 3, 2015

9 Things You Should Know About Your New Chip-Enabled Credit Cards

New chip-enabled credit cards are now being distributed throughout the United States. Also, on October...

By Joseph / October 3, 2015