Honor Killing in Afghanistan: Armed Mob of 300 Brutally Kill Young Couple for Eloping

News Lead / February 17, 2017

This picture taken on January 10, 2017 shows Afghan policemen standing guard at the site of an explosion near the governor's compound in Kandahar. At least 11 people died when explosives hidden in a sofa detonated inside the governor's compound in southern Kandahar on January 10 during a visit by the UAE ambassador to Afghanistan, who escaped the attack with injuries. / AFP / JAVED TANVEER (Photo credit should read JAVED TANVEER/AFP/Getty Images)
A mob of up to 300 armed men in eastern Afghanistan’s Nuristan province reportedly “lynched” a young couple. The mob allegedly forced police officers, who had arrested the married woman and her lover for eloping, to surrender the accused adulterers over to the angry horde.

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