Fierce Battles in Central Syria Amid Russian Airstrikes

Heavy fighting in central Syria between army, rebels as Russia launches airstrikes

By ABC / October 10, 2015

Michigan man fatally shot after he hit officer with crossbow

A Michigan man has been shot and killed by a state trooper after the man struck an officer with a crossbow.

By FOX / October 10, 2015

13 Stunning Cosplayers Speak Out On Why Costumes Don’t Equal Consent

New York Comic Con cosplayers tell us why their costumes are not consent.

By Shaunna / October 10, 2015

‘Shadowhunters’ Cast Explain How The ‘Mortal Instruments’ Show ‘Explores Possibilities The Books Didn’t’

The cast of "Shadowhunters" break down the biggest differences between Cassandra Clare's "Mortal Instruments"...

By Crystal / October 10, 2015

Detroit woman's Halloween decoration prompts repeated police visits

By Fox / October 10, 2015

Afghan President Appoints Investigators for Kunduz Airstrike

Afghan president appoints 5-man commission to investigate deadly Kunduz airstrike

By ABC / October 10, 2015

UCLA punter arrested on suspicion of rape

A walk-on punter for No. 20 UCLA has been arrested for investigation of rape, police and school officials...

By FOX / October 10, 2015

"Lucky One" in Oregon Shooting Speaks About Massacre

"Lucky one" Mathew Downing gives first statement about Oregon community college massacre

By ABC / October 10, 2015

Defense Sec'y: Russia's Syria Strategy a 'Mistake'

U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has made it clear the United States will not cooperate with Russia...

By / October 10, 2015

Paul Ryan May Not Run for Speaker, Issa Pondering Bid

Now that Paul Ryan is resisting calls to run for the speakership, Darrell Issa, California Republican,...

By Spencer / October 10, 2015

The Top 25 Self-Made Billionaires In the World

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Amancio Ortega are at the top of a new list released by research firm...

By Catherine / October 10, 2015

Russian Missile Strikes in Syria Trigger Alert to Airlines

Russia’s long-range missile strikes against targets in Syria have prompted European officials to issue...

By / October 10, 2015

TV Trouble for Millions as Dish, Tegna Hit Stalemate

A contract dispute between satellite broadcaster Dish and TV-station operator Tegna has left millions...

By / October 10, 2015

British scientist gives best human rights talk of the year


By Richard / October 10, 2015

Pentagon Overhauling Its Failed Syrian Rebel Training Program

Fox News reported: The Obama administration is overhauling its struggling program to train and equip...

By Spencer / October 9, 2015

17 Free Online Tools to Help You Grow Your Blog to 1 Million Visitors

And what's their price, you ask? How about . . . free?

By Walter / October 9, 2015

The 4 Big Changes to Open Innovation During the Last 4 Years

It's easier than ever before to get your ideas licensed by bigger companies.

By Stephen / October 9, 2015

Study: ObamaCare’s Cadillac Tax Forces Companies to Cut Benefits

The Free Beacon reported the following: Nine out of 10 large companies are working to avoid Obamacare’s...

By Spencer / October 9, 2015

Fighting Over Fido: Conflict Resolution Tactics From The Pet Mediator

Slogging through a dispute with a former business partner or founder? Proven techniques from a pet mediator...

By Kelly / October 10, 2015

Firefighters in south Dublin, Ireland, battling serious fire at halting site in Carrickmines - @thejournal_ie

Firefighters in south Dublin, Ireland, battling serious fire at halting site in Carrickmines - @thejournal_ie

By Jimmy / October 10, 2015

How to License Your Idea to a Toy Company

Longtime toy industry expert Mike Marra shares his insights.

By Stephen / October 10, 2015

Lawyer Marty Singer's office says Bill Cosby's deposition has ended in Los Angeles - @NBCNews

Lawyer Marty Singer's office says Bill Cosby's deposition has ended in Los Angeles - @NBCNews

By Stephanie / October 9, 2015

FBI Issues Warning About New Credit Cards - Then Removes It At the Urging of Banks

The FBI issued an advisory about security risks related to new chip-enabled credit cards -- but then...

By Joseph / October 9, 2015

Psychological Tip to Help You (Finally) Overcome Procrastination

The key to getting your work done on time lies in identifying the value of the task at hand.

By Anna / October 9, 2015

How Small Businesses are Key to the Survival of Corporate America

Without customers employed by small businesses, Corporate America is up a creek with no paddle.

By John / October 9, 2015

Mark Cuban: 'Maybe I'll Run for Speaker of the House'

The 'Shark Tank' host took to Twitter Thursday to propose entering the race for speaker. Here's why he would...

By Graham / October 9, 2015

The Question That Steve Jobs Used to Ask Jony Ive Every Day

The Apple co-founder wanted to help his design chief achieve laser-like focus.

By Jillian / October 9, 2015