MSNBC’s Roberts Claims White Nationalists Have a Friend in Sebastian Gorka Because He Wears a Nazi Pin

News Lead / August 13, 2017

In reaction to the Charlottesville, VA, white nationalist protest, MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts accused national security adviser to President Donald Trump Dr. Sebastian Gorka of wearing a pin associated with the Nazis from World War II. “[White nationalists] have a friend in the White House with Sebastian Gorka wearing that type of Nazi paraphernalia, pin,” Roberts said Saturday. “And the rest of the dog whistle flirting that happens from this administration.” Breitbart News debunked previous claims that Gorka is a Nazi sympathizer after he sported his late father’s medal “for his bravery during the Resistance” (against Soviet communism) at an inaugural ball. Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent

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