NY Times Op-Ed: Deport Americans, Invite Migrants

News Lead / June 19, 2017

America belongs to immigrants because immigrants make the nation more powerful, says a former Wall Street Journal writer who is now working for the New York Times. Immigrants produce more babies, work harder, create more jobs, and have more ideas, claims the revealing column by immigration-advocate Bret Stephens: I speak of Americans whose families have been in this country for a few generations. Complacent, entitled and often shockingly ignorant on basic points of American law and history, they are the stagnant pool in which our national prospects risk drowning… Bottom line: So-called real Americans are screwing up America. Maybe they should leave, so that we can replace them with new and better ones: newcomers who are more appreciative of what the United States has to offer, more ambitious for themselves and their children, and more willing to sacrifice for the future. In other words, just the kind of people we used to be — when “we” had just come off the boat… I’m the child of immigrants and grew up abroad, I have always thought of the United States as a country that belongs first to its newcomers — the people who strain hardest to become a part of it because they realize

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Senate Republicans Hope to Question Loretta Lynch on Conduct in Clinton Email Case

NEW YORK -- Senate Republicans are eying the possibility of seeking testimony from former Attorney General Loretta Lynch...

June 19, 2017